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Raceboard - The Rival

Here at Tushingham Sails we are seeing a huge upturn in interest for Raceboard sailing.
Once the most popular windsurfing discipline, raceboarding is coming back in a big way.
In the first two events this year the UK Windsurfing association has seen a doubling of
members using raceboards at events.

With the ability to hold close, competitive racing on almost any area of water the raceboard
still remains the racing class for the "everyman" windsurfer and is set for a big return to popularity.

Here at Tushingham HQ we have been utilising the skill of former World Champion Dave Hackford
and the talents of sail maker Ken Black to produce the best Race Board sail in the world.
The sail has been unbeatable so far this season. Tushingham Team Rider Rob Kent beat
all comers at the National Raceboard Championships in very light winds. The following
weekend Dave Hackford took top honours in the Raceboard cup event in full planing
conditions - proving that the sail works in a variety of conditions.

Raceboard racing is happening. We believe that the class will grow and grow now that board
manufacturers are back making raceboards.

We have been having good success putting some of our focus into Raceboard and recommend
you do the same in your country. Pick the best raceboard sailor and sponsor them with a sail,
maybe get involved with your national association to help run a race event.

The Tushingham XR Race is a race winner and is the one sail everybody will be after.
It is also the best value sail available.
You have the opportunity to dominate the race scene with the XR Race.