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Kona 380 E

This pure raceboard is an evolution of the Exocet Warp X380, a proven concept and top contender in the Raceboard class.

The "blueprints" inherited from the prominent Warp X380 was key when developing this exiting concept. All the positive characteristics of the previous design have been preserved and the conclusion is outstanding.

The Warp X380 was a board with astonishing speed and stability upwind, - yet we have succeeded in adding to the performance by moving all the appendices (fins and dagger ) further back. As a consequence the footstrap and mast track positions have been moved as well - giving the board a free feeling and blistering up wind speed. Although working well, the step tail was eliminated in the process - which admittedly makes the board better suited for today's upwind -downwind courses.

With the fin positioned far back into a standard set up we also managed to decrease the size - adding speed both up and downwind. The Kona 380 E rides high and effortless through chops in rough conditions.

The volume has been increased by 15 litres and the VE has been altered to coincide with this innovative concept. A complete new package, delivering uncompromised speed and pointing abilities, being produced in a new high tech construction and delivered with a top of the line racing daggerboard.

We hope you will enjoy the board as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Release date; On or about January 27th. 2009


Volume: 310 litres

Length: 380 cm

Width: 65 cm

Weight: 13 Kg

Fin size and box: 40 cm Tuttle box

Mast track: Adjustable

Sail size: 6.5 to 9.5