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This and That

I want to be able to go on lightwind, non-planing, cruises in the waters around my launching spot, in the archipelago, go around some nearby islands, etc.

I believe that it is more or less impossible to have light (subplaning) wind CRUISING fun on anything shorter than 3 meters (probably closer to 320 cm). And the board needs to be shaped (from above) like an arrow rather than a door (i.e. comparably narrow).

In order:

-1- Starboard Serenity: is obviously the most efficient subplaning cruising board around. But it is REALLY long, and not particularly versatile.
-2- Long Raceboards (Exocet Warp-X, Starboard Phantom Race 380): Good cruising with a biggish sail. Limited versatility.
-3- Kona One: The ultimate in versatility thanks to a steptail. Reasonably good subplaning (would be better without the steptail), and works very well also if the wind picks up. The RRD Longrider and Tabou  Windstyler should have similar characteristics. Starboard Race 320 might also work.

But then we start to get into the realm of sub 3m doors that are really ONLY designed to be stepping stones for "beginners" on their journey to "planing windsurfing only on a shortboard".

If you want lightwind cruising you have to accept that your tool will have some "lengthy" characteristics :-)