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KONA, the next generation universal board

The KONA board is a revolutionary design that combines the usability of the long boards from the 1980's and the performance of modern short boards.

The revolution is achieved through a step tail that cuts 35 cm off the board length when it starts planing. Long and efficient at slow speeds, and short and fast when it is windy.

Information about the KONA board on the web :

KONA board measures:
Length: 350 cm (Effective shortboard length is 315 cm)
Width: 70 cm
Volume: 220 liter
Weight: 15.5 KG
Dagger: 65 cm
Fin: 46 cm
Sail size: 2.5 - 9.0 m2

Note that virtually all modern, and even slightly older, rigs are compatible with the KONA board.

For a beginner or improver the only sensible recommendation is a KONA Style/One that works well in a very large wind band, from 2 to 25 knots. It tutors the beginner in light wind technigues, and will later allow him to learn to use harness, footstraps, carving jibes, etc. It is even possible to get into racing using the same board. In fact, there is really no need to ever purchase a large freeride as the KONA fulfills that role very well.

Check out these picture links for some inspiration! And a neat video collection as well.

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